Change in Excess Baggage Charges

Effective 18th January, 2016, AWA will increase charges on excess baggage from GHS 4 to GHS 5 per kilo on all domestic flights. This has been necessitated by the economic dynamics in the market. Fly AWA and have a feel of the Ghanaian and African Experience.
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Domestic Carriers Plan Regional Flight to Kumasi

Indigenous airlines are planning regional operations out of the Ashanti Regional capital Kumasi to populous Nigerian city Lagos, following a successful maiden night flight from Accra to Kumasi last Friday.
Kumasi remains the busiest domestic destination with a passenger throughput of some 470,000 as at December 2013. The population of the regional capital, which is the second-biggest and renowned for commerce, stands at about 1.7 million.

Samuel Razak Tachie, AWA’s Brand Experience Manager, told the B&FT: “We are looking at operating directly from Kumasi to Lagos, and that should start shortly. We will also start flights from Kumasi to Tamale back to Kumasi and onward to Accra”.

He said: “We will evaluate it and come up with the next line of action with regard to Lagos. We are looking at doing four direct flights from Accra to Lagos and three flights from Kumasi to Lagos. In the course of the day, we will link up Kumasi to Accra, and we are hoping and praying that they open the Tamale Airport soon so we can do night flights from Kumasi to Tamale.

“A load factor of 39 passengers out of 50-seater aircraft, for a start, is good. We have three slots: 6:30pm, 7:30pm, and 8:30pm. We will evaluate the situation and customer demand then introduce more flights in the future,” he said shortly after touching down at Kumasi on Friday.

Africa World Airlines (AWA) became the first home-grown airline to operate night flights to Kumasi. AWA’s flight number AW-122 on Friday January 23, 2015 departed the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) at 7:30pm local time and arrived at the Kumasi Airport at 20:10pm.

The return flight left Kumasi at 20:40pm and arrived back at Accra on 21:20pm

Mr. Atwima Rockson, a passenger on-board the maiden night flight said: “The flight was very nice and comfortable. But the 7:30pm is too early; if they can make it 8pm it will be better. This is because sometimes when you close from work, you would like to go home before catching a flight from Accra to Kumasi, and because of the traffic it is difficult getting to the airport in Accra on time.”

Another indigenous carrier, Starbow, has also indicated its preparedness to start direct flights from Kumasi to Lagos in the future — following granting of the right accreditation by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority to operate flights into that country.

Mr. Abrefa Sarkodie, the Kumasi Airport Manager said: “The President inaugurated the Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) project in Kumasi in mid-December last year. What it meant was that we needed to make sure we commence night operations. Because of the time frame the airlines needed to sell tickets before they can do their flights. Fortunately AWA has been able to do their maiden flight.”

We are happy that the investment that was made, we are now going to utilize it and Ghanaians are going to benefit from the investment. The idea is to make sure that the travelling public have variety. We should be able to travel as and when the need arises.

We are hoping that the other operators will also come on-board so we have other schedule. Currently the airport is supposed to be operating up till 11pm. So any flight within that period can be accommodated. We hope that the airlines are going to sustain it, other operators will come on board and Ghanaian will benefit from the investment that Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL) did with the support of the President.”

The Kumasi Airport has undergone extensive renovation works: two layers of the three-layer runway have been completed and the airport ground lighting systems have been installed. The precision approach path indicator at both ends of the runway, installed threshold lights; stop way, edge and end lights; installation of 32 approach lights and wind-cones are all in place

AWA Reinforces Aviation Safety Procedures After Germanwings’ Crash

In a bid to respond to the International call on all airlines to review their procedures on Crew vacation from the cockpit following the unfortunate Germanwings’ crash, AWA wishes to inform its cherished customers and the general public that AWA has reinforced its already existing policies regarding aviation safety procedures as well as put new ones in place as follows:
It is now mandatory for every pre-flight briefing to include procedures for crew vacation from the cockpit. Cockpit Crew are therefore reminded before each flight is operated, it is not allowed to vacate their post leaving only one person in the cockpit. In the event the Cockpit Crew needs to use the washroom, a Senior Cabin Crew will be asked to replace him/her until their return.

Also, AWA’s medical care procedures have been reinforced such that operational staff (Pilots and Cabin Crew)are only allowed to visit our accredited hospitals. In the event an operational staff is granted sick leave, in addition to the sick certificate given to the staff, the designated doctor will also notify AWA directly the staff has been given sick leave.

Furthermore, AWA has increased the frequency at which psychometric testing is carried out on operational staff from once a year to half yearly.

While our thoughts are with the families of the victims of the air crash, we would like to assure our customers and the general public that our commitment to run one of the safest airlines in the World will continue to be our primary focus.

Africa World Airlines wishes to thank you for your continued custom!

Chief Executive Officer
Africa World Airlines


Thank you, our Loyal Customers for believing in us! From our humble beginnings, we have progressed to become the ‘AIRLINE OF THE YEAR 2015” as adjudged by Chartered Institute ofMarketing, Ghana (CIMG). We dedicate this award to you, our Cherished and Loyal Customers. AWA is soaring because you believe in us! Fly AWA for Comfort, Reliability and Secured journeys. #AWA4eversoaring

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Africa World Airlines Marks 3 Years With Donations, Health Walk Et Al

Africa World Airlines (AWA) on Monday marked three years with a health walk, a donation to the 37 Military Hospital among other activities.
The airline donated surgical gloves, face masks, nursing caps, gowns among other items to the hospital valued at GHC5,000.
The donation was made after the health walk by both management and staff of the company.
Head of HR and IT at AWA, Christabel Amegayibor, said the domestic carrier made the donation to the hospital a cardinal part of its three years anniversary because of the airline’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.
As part of the three years anniversary celebrations, the company also donated GHC5000 to the Asogoli Educational Fund that supports bright but needy students.
The Ghana Tourist Board ‘Best Airline for 2014’ also presented various gifts to their passengers on Monday September 21, 2015.
“It is has been a turbulent three years, but consistency, reliability and excellence has kept us going”, said Christabel Amegayibor.
Chief Executive of AWA Michael Cheng Luo said although the airline, like most other airlines across the world, is bleeding financially the company is determined to step up its charity works even more.
“No matter how difficult it is to run the airline, we will continue to do more charity activities in the future,” said Mr Luo.
Africa World Airlines is currently one of the fastest growing airlines in Ghana. AWA currently operates five flights including evening flights from the Kotoka International Airport to Kumasi daily, morning flights from Accra to Tamale. Other destinations include Takoradi and Lagos. –
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AWA Announces Daily Night Flights to Kumasi International Airport

Expanding Options for Ghanaian Domestic travellers with two Daily Night Flights to Kumasi International Airport
On Friday 23rd January, Africa World Airlines, Ghana Tourism Board’s Domestic Airline of the Year 2014 will open a new chapter in its two year history of providing new and innovative travel options for Ghana when flights AW 120 and 122 will take off from Accra to Kumasi Airport and this will mark the launch of an entirely new venture into scheduled night time operations to and from our domestic airports.

These night flights, which represent additions to AWA’s daily Acc-Kumasi flights, will, for the first time, allow same day connections from Europe to Kumasi via Accra. This is a travel option that has been long sought by the tourism industry. The flight is being promoted in conjunction with the Ghana Tourist Board and they are indeed pleased to be able to offer this option to all international travellers.

The flight’s schedule allows for connections to AWA’s flights to and from Frankfurt, South Africa, Amsterdam, London and Istanbul and opens up other convenient travel opportunities to our passengers. In addition to this and with Africa World being on the international booking engine table via HAN-AIR E-ALLIANCE, it is now possible to connect from other airlines such as SAA, KLM, TURKISH TAP, LUFTHANSA and other airlines.

Passengers arriving from overseas will now have same day onward connection access by night to Kumasi on this new flight on a daily basis. Passengers who also have business in Kumasi or Accra can arrive in the morning and have enough time to finish all business before boarding a night flight as late as 20.40hrs* (visit or your accredited travel agent for details)

Africa World wishes to acknowledge the help of the Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL), the Authority of Civil Aviation Ghana (GCAA) The Ministries of Transport and of Tourism as well as the Service Departments of Immigration and Customs, all of the Government of Ghana for making this new service possible. Night vision lights on the tarmac and a system that guides planes to land with special vision instruments are part of the overhaul upgrades that the airport has introduced.

”This new service adds an exciting new international connection to a new destination in Ghana for all our travelers and is in line with the mission of Africa World Airlines which is to open up the sub region, continent and the world to all available gateways in Ghana” said Apiigy Afenu, Chief Operations Officer.

Africa World Airlines currently operates a fleet of 3 ERJ 145 aircraft to 2 destinations in Ghana re Kumasi and Tamale as well as 1 regional destination in Nigeria re: Lagos.

The flights will be operated by the EMBRAER flight that seats 50 passengers. The plane has a single comfortable one class cabin. All passengers will get a free first checked bag, snacks, water and some juice on board. With over 150 employees, Africa World Airlines operated over 5003 flights and carried over 177,000 passengers in 2014. For more information visit:

For those traveling with 10 or more adults, Africa World Airlines has a dedicated Group & Incentive Division ready to assist. The experienced team specializes in meetings, corporate incentives, conferences, student trips, family reunions & vacation getaways and other types of group travel. To contact the Group Services Department, email us at

Special flight packages to and from Kuamsi and Accra with fares representative and taxes start at GHC200.

For a Limited Time only passengers will receive a special deal of flying four times and getting the fifth fare for free. Valid for travel to and from all AWA destinations.

Africa World Airlines is also pleased to announced New Non-stop flights from KUMASI TO LAGOS commencing 28th February 2015

Chief Executive Officer Michael Cheng Luo of Africa World Airlines said, “We are excited about adding flights from ACC to Kumasi and on to Lagos; we know this will become a popular gateway for us as we have had requests from many passengers who are generally looking for a great deal on a shorter getaway. Flying to Accra and waiting to overnight before commencing to Kumasi will now become a thing of the past and we are proud to be the first to land scheduled flights into the new Kumasi International Airport using the new night lights and Instrument Landing System.”

All queries relating to the announcement should be referred to the Chief Commercial Officer +233 540 119 203 or email

Africa World Airlines commences flights to Lagos Nigeria

Africa World Airline has told Citi Business News, the commencement of flights by the airline to Nigeria is a giant leap in its bid to become the leading regional operator in West Africa.

The airline began its flight to Nigeria on Monday, 9th December, 2013 with a maiden flight to Lagos in the morning.

It is the only local airline from Ghana plying the route currently. There will be two flights daily to Lagos from Accra twice a week.

Co-Founder of AWA, Togbe Afede the fourteenth told Citi Business News, the Lagos and Abuja destinations are crucial for the airline’s plan to get a substantial share of the sub-regional market.

Operations Manager for the airline Appigy Afenu said the airline intends to cash in during the festive period.

More Airlines Target Accra

Three international airlines are currently undergoing the necessary certification processes to acquire licences to enable them fly into the country.
Gambian Bird, Royal Jordanian Airline, and Pison Airlines are undergoing the necessary designation processes in order to operate regional and international flights to Accra.

The country’s aviation industry, with an average growth of 10 percent, is one of the fastest growing and the most competitive in the West Africa sub-region — spurred on by a strong economic growth. The number of carriers has grown from 15 in 2000 to an estimated 40 carriers this year.

Projections by the Ghana Airport Company show that air passenger traffic is expected to hit six million by 2015. This represents an expected increase of more than 200 percent over the total passenger throughput of 1.8 million recorded in 2011.

“They [Gambian Bird] are going through the necessary designation processes, and as soon as that is over they will start flying into Accra. Royal Jordanian has also indicated that it wants to start flying into Accra, so we need to go through the designation process,” Air Commodore Victor Kwame Mamphey (Rtd.), Director-General, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), told the B&FT in an interview

The designation process requires applicants to apply through their respective governments to the Ghanaian government. The Ghana government will then forward the request to the Ministry of Transport for onward submission to the GCAA.

“Based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or a bilateral agreement, the countries can designate the airlines to fly in whatever direction. When it comes to the GCAA, what we do is visit the airlines and conduct an inspection on their facilities; the aircraft-type that is going to be used, their operational and maintenance base. Once we are satisfied, they are clear to go,” Air Commodore Mamphey (Rtd.) said.

Iberia Airlines last week commenced its direct flight from Accra to Madrid; it will start with two flights a week between the two cities.

Africa World Airline, a joint venture between the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), Strategic African Securities and Hainan Airlines of China, is also set to commence full-scale regional operations on September 21, 2012.

With an initial complement of two aircraft, the airline is expected to fly to West African cities including Ouagadougou, Abidjan, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcout, Dakar and Banjul amongst others.

The four domestic carriers — Starbow, Fly 540, Citylink and Antrak — have also applied to the GCAA to operate regional flights to countries in the sub-region.

The latest development is seen as a vote of confidence for the country’s aviation industry, and an acknowledgement of the country as a crucial aviation hub within the sub-region

Ghana Air Traffic Projections
(Millions) – 2011 – 2015

Another Ghanaian start-up Africa World Airlines secures investment from Hainan Airlines’ parent

In the wake of the 2010 demise of Ghana International Airlines, and consequently to the improving economy together with the support of pro-business government, Ghana’s air travel market is experiencing a baby-boom of start-up carriers. Latest news come from Africa World Airlines (AWA), a little-known start-up which managed to secure investment and know-how from Chinese fourth largest carrier Hainan Airlines’ parent. The airline is currently awaiting Air Operators’ Certificate (AOC) and plans to launch operations on 21 September with a fleet of two Embraer regional jets.
It was only a few days ago that I heard about AWA and it seems that is what the carrier wanted. It on purpose avoided being mentioned by the media outlets up until recently in case things go wrong with investors and management. But the airline now managed to secure both. The most notable investor is Chinese HNA Group, parent company of Hainan Airlines. HNA Group is a Haikou and Beijing-based conglomerate with interests in finance and logistics, but especially aviation. It holds stakes in various carriers in Greater China region, so AWA is its first investment in passenger airline outside of the region.

HNA Group is reportedly a controlling stakeholder, but did not disclose the sum it invested in the new airline nor the number of shares it holds. AWA’s senior management will mostly come from HNA Group, ensuring that AWA is properly manged with proven experts. But the group’s investment is not a standalone, it comes in the form of a joint venture singed on 13 February together with China – Africa Development Fund (China’s largest Private Equity fund focusing on African Investments), SAS Finance Group (Ghanaian integrated investment bank) and the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (manages Ghana’s national social security pension scheme). Reportedly, total investment in the airline stands at $50 million. AWA was founded in late-2010 by Ghana’s Togbe Afede XIV, a king of eastern Ghana’s Asogli state and now AWA’s chairman.

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, the new airline plans to launch operations as soon as 21 September out of Ghana’s capital city Accra. HNA Group will for start provide 2 Embraer 145 regional jets sourced from its Tianjin Airlines subsidiary on reportedly cheap leases. From its hub in Ghana’s capital Accra, the airline will initially launch operations to domestic destinations Kumasi, Tamale and Takoradi, which are all relatively large cities for the country. The airline will acquire more aircraft and gradually expand to regional destinations such as Ouagadougou, Abidjan, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Conakry, Dakar and Banjul, but also Johannesburg Harare, Entebbe and Luanda. These regional routes will be served by larger aircraft, most likely Airbus A320 or Boeing 737, and in five years time the carrier hopes to also expand on routes outside of Africa.

B-3081 Embraer Emb.145 Grand China ExpressAWA will implement a hub-and-spoke network model, but the carrier intends to operate as an LCC. The choice of hub-and-spoke model is not surprising as the airline’s executives point out that connectivity in the region is very low. It is not at all uncommon for passengers to transit in Europe before returning back to Africa – sometimes even overflying their departure city – which is much more expensive and time consuming than a non-stop or more convinient one-stop alternative would be. And while domestic routes are already well-served and short, bad road infrastracture means that there is plenty demand.

Currently the oldest airline in Ghana is CiTylinK which operates a small fleet consisting of Fokker 100 and Saab 340 aircraft for schedualed passenger operations since 2003. Antrak Air was launched in 2003 and currently operates only one ATR42-300. Starbow Airlines launched operations in secand half of 2011 and now operates domestic services with a fleet of four BAe 146s, but plans to expand internationally and acquire larger narrowbodies. Fly540, a Kenyan airline, has a small operation in Ghana, but is set to expand, restructure, refleet and rebrand into FastJet following an investment from easyJet’s founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou.

Thanks to very high yields and lots of unserved destinations, it is hard to imagine that the new airline will not be a succsess, even if poliical instability and harsh natural environment are taken into account. The market is booming thanks to population’s rising disposable income and stronger trade links. Ghana’s government, the airline points out, was also very supportive with its business oriented attitude. AWA received its Air Carrier Licence only around 15 months ago, but hopes to welcome its first passengers already in September after it receives AOC.