• How do I register my card (VISA) for Verified by VISA or (MasteCard) for SECURECODE?
    1. Visit your issuing bank
  • Would I need to visit AWA office after printing the online ticket?
    1. No, Your ticket is confirmed for travelling
  • What happens if my card is debited and I am unable to get my ticket
    1. Log your complaint with AWA. AWA would contact the payment processor for confirmation of reversal.
    2. Reversal may take between 1-5 days depending on the reversal process for your bank or your payment processor.
  • Why is my card (Mastercard, VISA etc) locked?
    1. You may have entered a wrong code for more than 3 times. Please refer to your bank to unlock your card for further transactions. This is meant to protect your card from fraudsters.
  • How can I be sure my card is secured while using on the internet
    1. Verify by VISA and SECURECODE for VISA and MasterCard ensure that you are the only one who can use your card online
    2. eTranzact ESA registration ensures that second layer of security via your registered phone and email would be activated to protect your card from being used by unathorised persons
    3. Mobile Money prompts your phone before debiting your account to be sure no one else is using your phone remotely, without your knowledge
    4. Verve Card transactions above 3,000 would not be authorized if you have enabled your Card at the ATMs for such transactions
  • How do I register for my eTranzact card?
    1. Visit www.etranzactgh.com for more details.