• Customer logs on to the Booking Portal and make booking using USD as Currency
  • Complete other details on the AWA website
  • AWA portal redirects to the Payment where cardholder basic details are captured and card payment page is displayed.
  • On completion of payment after verification by VISA or MASTERCARD, an online ticket would be generated and it is good enough for flight.
  • It is required that customers who desire to pay using any of the above cards must have registered their cards for VERIFIED BY VISA (VISA) or SECURECODE (MASTERCARD), for an additional layer of security that guarantees that only the cardholder  can use the card for online payment.
  • For more details on Verified By VISA, visit http://www.visacemea.com/uv/online_security.jsp and http://www.mastercard.us/securecode.html for Securecode for MasterCard or contact your bank.


For Customers with VISA and MASTERCARD issued from Nigeria

  • Customer opts for NGN as currency; however Verified by VISA and SECURECODE by Mastercard would still apply. Under no circumstance would cards not registered for either of these two security layers would be allowed for transaction