Carry-on Baggage

AWA only allows one piece of cabin baggage plus one smaller personal-type item such as small handbags for men/women, small cameras, reading material, laptop bags and small backpacks onboard the aircraft. Read More


Checked Baggage

However, 2 bags per passenger may be acceptable (Premium passengers and Value passengers) depending on the load factor on a flight. Read More


Excess Baggage

Any additional kilogram exceeding our free baggage allowance of 23kg:

on the Domestic routes cost GHS5.00 cedis per kilogram...Read More



Baggage Handling

We try to ensure that baggages you entrust into our care are safely and returned to you at your destination.

However, if your baggage is delayed or lost beyond our control, you will be asked to complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) from which you will be issued...Read More


Sports Equipment

AWA accepts sporting equipment for free subject to availability of space during check-in.

During booking of flight, passengers MUST inform our agents of their wish to travel with sporting equipment...Read More